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Document Imaging Management
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The following Scanning Services are found on this page:
  • Document and Imaging
  • Medical Records
  • OCR to PDF
  • Large Format
  • Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card
  • On-Demand/On-Site/Off-Site Scanning

Scanning: Document and Imaging

Digital document scanning is a process that consists of converting paper documents into editable digital information. IPT Worldwide uses high-quality scanners based on cutting-edge technology, to systematically scan each document until all of your paperwork is converted into electronic files of formats such as pdf, tiff, doc and other text files. Following the scanning process, each file is verified to assure readability in the target format. Electronic data is backed up for added security and safety and subsequently catalogued and organized in the customized manner that best suits your company's needs.

In addition to document scanning services saving you valuable time and money, your new document storage system will allow for convenient, instant, company-wide access to your digital documents. Following document scanning, IPT Worldwide will store your electronic files on a secure on-line data repository. Reach your securely stored files from anywhere in the world using a username and password. Define ranging levels of accessibility to documentation for various personnel contingent on their username, ensuring security and confidentiality. Search for and locate files and specific words in just seconds. Easily correct errors and update information. Document scanning and digital storage will generate a variety of long-terms advantages for your company.

In addition to standard document scanning services, IPT Worldwide's expertise extends to a variety of specialized scanning services.

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Scanning: Medical Records

IPT Worldwide has been converting patient records and medical charts into digital format since 1996.

Digital integration of medical documentation is beneficial to both medical practices and patients. Files are organized sequentially in the same manner as a traditional paper chart and old paper charts are merged into new e-charts, facilitating hassle free conversions and enabling staff to transition easily to the new format.

IPT Worldwide also expertly converts paper format Personal Health Records (PHR) to digital documents. PHR’s contain a variety of information including imaging and lab results, prescriptions, doctor’s notes and correspondence from insurance and billing companies.

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Scanning: OCR to PDF

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a data-entry technique that converts scanned documents or image files such as PDFs, TIFFs and JPGs to editable and text searchable Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML or searchable PDF files.

Using OCR document scanning, Scantronix will assist you in converting previously unalterable documents into files that can be edited and formatted. You will be able to search for and locate files and specific words in just seconds and easily correct errors and update information.

Equipped with specialized scanners and sophisticated, cutting-edge software that instantly recognizes and digitally encodes information, Scantronix offers its clients quick and accurate results from its OCR document scanning services.

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Scanning: Large Format

Numerous industries make use of oversized documents that are too large to fit into standard sized scanners. Architects, engineers, construction firms and advertising companies, to name a few, work with large documents such as blueprints, technical drawings, construction plans, maps, artwork and design templates on a constant basis.

Converting large documents into digital format is not simple. The traditional scanning technique is has been to scan different parts of the document, and then stitch the document together using computer software. Needless to say, such scanning methods are liable to generate inaccuracies.

IPT Worldwide has chosen to specialize in large format scanning, investing in sophisticated, cutting-edge wide format scanners that accurately and quickly scan large documents, producing high quality digital images from all types of materials.

IPT Worldwide can also convert your large sized technical and construction drawings into a suitable electronic format, enabling editing in a CAD program.

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Scanning: Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card

Microfilm is a storage form consisting of reduced images copied onto miniature films. Microfilm is a general term referring to various types of microforms, including the specific microfilm variety, microfiche, aperture cards and others.

Before digital storage became widespread, libraries, government institutions and leading companies chose microfilm as the preferred method of storing considerable quantities of documents using a minimum of space. While microfilm served its purpose for many years, the preferred method of storage is now digital.

Microfilm digitizing offers many advantages including saving time on inefficient human filing and searching, precluding the need for awkward and malfunctioning microfilm readers, improving productivity by allowing users to search, update and share documents instantly, saving space on physical storage, ensuring natural disaster and unwanted interference protection of company documentation with our secure online data repository and connecting and transferring between your scanned paper documentation and scanned film archive.

Equipped with specialized microfilm scanners and sophisticated, cutting-edge software, IPT Worldwide offers its clients quick and accurate results from its microfilm scanning services.

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Scanning: On-Demand/On-Site/Off-Site Scanning

The storage of paper files off-site can be a huge cost savings to any business, but you also need to have the peace of mind of knowing that when you need access to particular documents that are stored off-site, you have it.

On-demand scanning means you have that peace of mind.

IPT will cost effectively and safely store your archived, paper documents in their state-of-the-art, secure document storage facility. If you need a particular document or file, we will retrieve it from our storage facility, scan it, and place it on the media of your choice. We will email the documents to you, upload them to an ftp site for your retrieval, upload them to a secure, on-line server, or burn them to CD and deliver the CD to your business location.

Based upon the service level agreement IPT has with your organization, we can guarantee that the requested document is accessible to you in as little as 2 hours!

  • On-Site Scanning

  • Although most scanning occurs at an IPT facility, IPT can also perform scanning at your site. This service is typically used when there is a need to scan highly sensitive and confidential documents that cannot leave your premises.
    If you have a concern about confidential documents leaving your facility, IPT can deploy high-speed scanning equipment along with experienced scanning specialists to your site for short-term or long-term document scanning projects.

  • On-Demand/On-Site/Off-Site Shredding

  • On some occasions, you may find that you may want particular documents or groups of documents shredded immediately – that is when our on-demand shredding service can be of value.
    Regardless of whether your documents are stored at our secure facility, or at your site, our ‘On-Demand’ shredding service is available to you. If necessary, we can deploy the people and equipment to your site to shred your sensitive and confidential documents. Alternatively, if your documents are stored at our site, you just need to identify which documents you want shredded. IPT will take care of shredding them for you.

  • Off-Site Document Storage

  • Real estate is costly, especially in the tri-state metropolitan area. Most organizations do not realize how much of the rent they pay for office space is actually attributed to the storage of the paper in there numerous file cabinets.
    Free up your on-site office space and use it more effectively! IPT can store your documents in our secure, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility. Your documents are stored, indexed and bar-coded for fast and easy retrieval. Our on-demand scanning service means that when you need a paper document that is stored at our facility, we will retrieve it, scan it, and deliver it to you on the media you require, frequently within hours, depending on your SLA.

    IPT’s Off-Site Storage Facility provides:
    • Perimeter security
    • Security alarm system
    • Surveillance cameras/motion detecting equipment?
    • Fire protection
    • Facility entrance and data center security
    • Access controls (find out what their controls are)
    • Humidity and moisture detection and controls
    • Fire and smoke detectors, alarms, extinguishing agents
    • Raised floor data center
    • Equipment re-certification
    • UPS devices/generators
    • Secure Media Storage
    • Data Backup
    • Communications redundancy
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Document Imaging Management
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