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At our core, Innovative Power Technologies™ (IPT) is a solutions-based company providing a localized answer to the global challenge presented by the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW). Large and small communities alike are seeking alternate ways to handle MSW as landfills continue to fill up, burning becomes less of an option, and shipping garbage away is not sustainable. We provide the technology necessary to transform communities into cleaner and healthier places to live through a unique Carbon Negative™ downdraft gasification waste processing system.



Imagine a world where much of the waste we generate each day could be cleanly processed and eliminated from landfills. Imagine further, that we could mine waste from existing landfills and reduce the impact on our landscape. What if we could then take this processed waste and transform it into clean, reliable power? What if we could help change the world?


We need not imagine any longer. The technology is here, and the future is now. Our mission at Innovative Power Technologies is to bring this reality to our communities, our cities, our regions, our world. Using a patented downdraft gasifier design, developed and tested for over a decade, we are striving to bring this dream to areas across the globe and to make it a reality – one ton at a time.


We invite you to explore this site and learn more about the key to unlocking our solution for reducing the human footprint placed on our environment. A key that is Carbon Negative, founded in peer reviewed research, that not only provides a positive impact for the earth but also inspires our communities with new employment opportunities and better health for its residents.


Helping people

Leaders that choose to employ our waste to energy technology will likely receive the public relations benefits resulting from being on the cutting edge of implementing this kind of transformational solution that is truly a win-win-win for the public, the businesses involved, and the environment. Of course, the initial good will is well deserved for the public benefit that results from the implementation efforts made. However, as operations continue, further opportunities exist for public benefit in the areas of job creation and improved public health.


Job Creation

The creation of additional jobs, by generating additional economic activity, should certainly be considered a public benefit that can be brought on by implementing the IPT Gasification System. Of course, there would be the jobs that would either be sustained or multiplied based upon the waste processing activities. However, those that also choose to use the by-products of the gasification system to generate electricity, harvest and sell the carbon based biochar, or supply the bottom ash as an aggregate for concrete production will further enhance employment opportunities in the area.


Public Health

Populations that are challenged for ways in which to sustainably manage and dispose of waste can discover health related benefits as well. In fact, the US Public Health Service and World Health Organization have identified 22 diseases that are linked to improper solid waste management. The World Bank additionally reports that the practices of disposing waste in unregulated dumps, or openly burning it, create serious health, safety, and environmental consequences. In areas where these practices are commonplace, the CN2020™ downdraft gasifier could dramatically improve the chances of a healthier population.

Explore our learnings with your choice of biomass

1Healing The World
The team at Innovative Power Technologies (IPT) is excited to be providing a solution that helps improve the quality of life within a community while also providing a positive impact on our global environment. The social, environmental, and community impacts are in the diversion of waste from landfills, the potential elimination and reclamation of landfills, the generation of clean, sustainable electric power, and the Carbon Negative™ environmental benefits. The design is scalable, so the solution can grow along with a community’s expanding requirements. We recognize that our solution alone is not a complete answer to all challenges in every circumstance, but we are proud to be providing a piece to the puzzle of making the world a better place.
Waste that would otherwise be placed in local landfills, burned, or shipped away is instead processed through the CN2020’s patented downdraft gasification process. As it consumes a mix of carbon-based material for fuel, a carbon char bed is produced. The Synthetic Gas (Syngas), and other emissions are then forced downward through the char bed. Harmful contaminants are filtered out resulting in emissions that are well below regulatory standards. The substantial costs involved with cleaning the emissions are therefore eliminated. Carbon contained within the char bed is subsequently harvested, resulting in the first Carbon Negative waste disposal process available.
The Syngas is utilized as either a heat energy source or fired in a boiler (or internal combustion engine) to create steam used to drive an electricity producing turbine. When fired in a boiler the generation of this clean, sustainable electric power can be leveraged by areas looking for additional or alternate forms of power generation. In areas where a modern grid is already established, opportunities to sell the electricity to the grid may exist.
The Biochar, at least 70% pure carbon, has uses as either an agricultural enhancement or a filtration medium. Buyers for the Biochar might include firms producing soil enrichment products or those involved with filtration products. The bottom ash is an aggregate for concrete production. This waste processing system can take municipal solid waste in and leave no wasted by-product behind.

Providing The Key

Gasification has been around for decades in various forms. The CN2020 is patented technology, unique from every other type of gasification equipment on the planet. What makes this technology unique is the process by which the syngas (producer gas) is cleansed prior to exit from the process. The CN2020™ provides environmentally beneficial Carbon Negative™, thermal gasification by-way of the downdraft process created within the patented system. The efficiencies created by this process yield environmental and economic benefits that are second to none.

Individual projects will be owned by a third-party entity that IPT may or may not have an ownership interest in, depending on the project structure and the financing platform identified. In projects where IPT is invested, we feel having a local partner is essential for fostering success. In many cases the local partner would be responsible for identifying processing sites, communicating with local leaders, hiring the workforce, and day-to-day operations. The local partner would have an ownership share in the local IPT entity that has been established to operate the project.

IPT has enlisted CN BioPower to be the operations arm that manufactures, delivers, and installs CN2020’s worldwide. The mission of CN BioPower is to ensure projects are completed on schedule and on budget. With an initial facility in Thurston, NE, they are located within a HUBZone qualified county, so the operation may apply for HUBZone status with the US Government should this status prove important for US based customers. Capacity at the Thurston facility will be enough initially, though both IPT and CN BioPower expect additional facilities will need to be added in the future.

About Us

Innovative Power Technologies (IPT) was founded on the idea that the world needs a better waste management solution. In fact, our story begins with the realization that we needed to eliminate our own waste if we were ever going to solve these global issues. In order to bring our goals to fruition, it was imperative that we rethink the way in which we were conducting business so no more of our team's time, efforts, or resources were wasted. That's why, in July 2020, the people who have contributed significant resources and effort toward bringing Downdraft Gasification Technology to the world agreed to form IPT. Six shareholders, along with a few other key individuals, have established a positive tone and aggressive pace forward as we focus more on actions and less on words. Great strides have since been made toward realizing this years-old dream. Today, the exclusive license to produce and distribute the patented intellectual property for Downdraft Gasification has been secured. As we reconnect with existing contacts and identify new opportunities, we look forward to the progress we will make, the challenges we will overcome, and the things we will learn along the way. Does reducing the world’s waste and generating clean power at a carbon neutral to carbon negative pace sound impossible? Let us show you how and why it is a tangible solution today. Please explore this site to learn more about our mission, and let us know if you want to help us change the world - one ton at a time.



Ryan Jensen



Trevor Malecha

Vice Chairman


Layton Jensen



Nicholas (Nick) Jensen



Todd Olson

Board Member


Joseph Powell

Board Member


Innovative Power Technologies, LLC. (IPT) is owned by six members, all who have contributed significantly to the successful development, testing, and initial planning and marketing of the IPT technology and business model. The shareholders are:

Ryan Jensen, Trevor Malecha, Todd Olson, Joe Powell, Jensen Holdings (Layton Jensen), On Point Strategic (John Zulk)

We are fortunate to have a majority of our shareholders active in the day-to-day operations of the company. They continue to set the tone and provide direction through active leadership roles on our Board of Directors and within our Executive Committee.


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